Rethink Loyalty
Meet your Loyal Clients. Get full insights on their journey every time they buy your brand offline.
Designed For
Offline Purchases
Online to Offline
Digitize All Sales Made Offline
  • Run direct to customer campaigns tailored for offline sales. It’s simple. Your clients scan their Receipt or the QR Code printed on your product to earn rewards!
  • Capture first party data & get closer to your customer!
Track Your Offline Reach
Monitor all your acquisition channels
  • Follow your customer’s journey through all channels & get full purchase data insight.
  • Understand their buying habits and know where and when to reach them.
  • Optimize your acquisition efforts & enhance your customer’s lifetime value.
Increase Your Repurchase
Remind them keep buying!
  • Your customers already love your brand, why not incentivize them to purchase again?
  • Increase your chances of running a succesful direct to consumer campaign by retargeting all your acquired customers.
  • We offer you a scalable solution to send personalized mass messages to your loyal customers accross different channels to help increase your repurchase rate.
Build Loyalty
Reduce Churn & Increase Satisfaction
  • We all know it. 20% of your consumers deliver 80% of your sales. Let us find that 20%
  • Turn your promotions into experiential, gamified adventures that reflect your brand essence and deliver high reward quality while maintaining ROI.
To Help You Grow
Smooth Brand And Consumer Journey

Have all the info you need within reach while giving your customers an extra something to love you.

Easily Setup in 4 Weeks

Have immediate access to your customer insights and journey, and your own, live analytics dashboard.

Our Track Record

For the past 3 years, WECHEER has focused on digitizing all consumption moments.
We’re closely working with our partners to improve the product and drive even more value for your businesses.

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