The Only Loyalty Platform You Need
Nurture a better relationship with your customers
Designed For
Offline Purchases
Digitize Any Receipt Instantly

Capture every item including the price, time of sale, location or outlet, the consumer, and serving staff, or scan the QR code on the product to earn rewards!


Leverage your very own dashboard

  • to monitor your customer’s buying behavior across channels in real time.
  • to understand your consumer’s buying habits and know where and when to reach them.
  • to enhance your customer’s lifetime value.
Engage & Incentivize

Your customers through

  • Effective reach by
    1. directly accessing your buying customers at anytime through SMS & media targeting
    2. targeting all your social media ads based on offline purchasing behavior
  • Personalization thanks to our individualized data-driven marketing, a scalable notification tool that allows you to send mass communication messages with personalized content based on each user’s personal preferences and behaviors.
Build Loyalty
Reduce Churn & Increase Satisfaction

Turn your promotions into experiential, gamified adventures that reflect your brand essence and deliver high reward quality while maintaining ROI. Leverage service staff and outlet owners, and benefit from our innovative features that allow users to personalize their purchase/consumption experience and build a sense of community.

To Help You Grow
Smooth Brand And Consumer Journey

Have all the info you need within reach while giving your customers an extra something to love you.

Easily Setup in 4 Weeks

Have immediate access to your customer insights and journey, and your own, live analytics dashboard.

Our Track Record

For the past 3 years, WECHEER has focused on digitizing all consumption moments.
We’re closely working with our partners to improve the product and drive even more value for your businesses.

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