Insights into why the days of brand engagement are here to stay

Brands today would like to know exactly how to measure their growth and customer satisfaction. With so many metrics readily available at hand, it could be tricky trying to figure out what exactly you should be looking at when the wealth of data could get very confusing.

For brands with loyalty programs, perhaps the most important metric you should be looking at is customer loyalty. But how do you even begin to measure an emotional connection when it is anything but physical?

Simple: you look at your customer’s engagement rates. Metrics such as reach and brand awareness are important if you’re looking to expand your clientele base, but if you have a loyalty program and you want to find out more about how well it’s performing amongst your existing clients, shift the focus to brand engagement.

Brand engagement is a simple metric that measures your customers’ emotional commitment to the brand. It goes beyond brand awareness and reach, looking further at how well your loyalty program is performing, and if it’s leading to word-of-mouth marketing.

Social media has reshaped the way we think of digital and word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, it’s given us the ability to interact with consumers on new levels and build intimate relationships. Brand engagement goes hand in hand with customer engagement, and engaged customers lead to higher revenues, profitability, market share and more.

Most importantly, engagement is the key to growth.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: people are tired of making informal, anonymous purchases from fast brands when they could be building a personal relationship with a brand. Everyone likes to feel heard, seen and validated, and when they go into a shop that echoes back all their beliefs to them, they’re more likely to return for repeat purchases, not just because of how satisfied they were from the product, but also by how good and welcomed they felt by the brand.

This is what successful brand engagement looks like, and loyalty programs that work capitalise on it. One cost-efficient and highly effective way to build brand engagement is through social media platforms.

Social media platforms are, more than ever before, ready to accommodate and aid businesses in the way they’re built. Just look at Instagram: in the past couple of years, they’ve introduced Instagram shops and the shopping button, letting their users know that they can buy anything from the brands they love with just a click of the button.

Facebook is no stranger to this too, in fact, they spearheaded the integration of businesses with social media platforms.

All of these features are yours to use, for minimal cost and maximum results. Why? Because everyone’s on social media at least a couple hours a day, browsing, scrolling, and consuming all kinds of content they can get their hands on.

Using your social media pages, you can help shape and mould your brand image. Posting attractive content and meaningful captions shows customers a side of you they’ll never be able to see just by looking at your site or waltzing into your store. They’ll get to know what the brand is actually about: the values you stand for, the team pulling the strings behind the scenes, the work in progress; everything.

And what this then does is a beautiful ripple effect: your customers see content they love, they engage, they share it with their friends and family, you wrack in new followers, and soon enough, you’re wracking in new customers and more purchases. All of this because of a few loyal customers, that will be your brand’s friends for life.